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Let health care plan go forward

To the editor:

Only the general electorate seems more blind to the virtues of Obamacare than the Republicans in Congress. They apparently are most willing to stick with the past than to initiate the reforms that universal health care can correct. The status quo means that thousands of Americans every day face skyrocketing medical costs that can bankrupt a family at any moment.

Preconditions keep millions of Americans from obtaining any health insurance at all. Young Americans will be unable to stay on their parents’ policies, leaving them once again uninsured at a critical time in their lives.

Now all uninsured can be admitted to a hospital only in case of an emergency with triple the costs. Those who have no insurance and let health problems persist until emergency admission to a hospital is accepted have their astronomical bills picked up by those of us who do, causing our policies to increase in cost precipitously from year to year. Not only that but if those of us who are insured contract an illness that demands treatment soaring into thousands of dollars, companies can drop us with no compunction whatsoever for our sorry state.

Admittedly, there are many problems yet to be worked out by Affordable Health Care, but what would one expect otherwise from such a huge program that is set in place to handle millions of medical problems for us all to obtain costly hospital treatment when we are in dire need? A little patience might be extended as the plan goes forward and if it does, in a few years, Obamacare will be as acceptable to all as are other government-run programs such as Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare, which few would like to see scuttled today along with universal health care coverage.

Lee Paulson Glenwood, MN