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Public taken in by industry shills

To the editor:

After reading Pryce Score’s October 30 letter, it’s clear that there are some people that will never accept climate change despite the evidence put forth by the largest, most heavily scrutinized scientific assessments ever assembled as in the reports published by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Can you search the Internet to find scientists who dispute the efficacy of climate change? Sure you can. You can also find scientists who dispute the relationship of cigarette smoking to lung cancer. One name that’ll come up is 90-some-year-old Dr. Fred Singer, the same guy Pryce Score cites as a reputable researcher who disputes the nearly 100 percent consensus on climate change. Back in the 1970s, ol’ Fred accepted a ton of money from the tobacco industry to say that cigarette smoking didn’t hurt you. Need I say more? Simply put, Singer is a flake, and widely accepted as such in the scientific community.

Singer and the others cited in Score’s letter work for organizations like the Heartland Institute, the Manhattan Institute and about a hundred others, all funded by the oil and coal companies, which daily spew millions of spurious “studies.” What would you expect them to say?

So, to all the Pryce Scores out there who get their information from industry sources, I say, go ahead, think what you want. But don’t expect to be taken seriously. For the rest of us, keep up the good work in promoting and advocating for clean, renewable energy, exercising modesty in our consumption, and pushing for a carbon tax with returns coming back to the public.

Remember the old Native American proverb that says: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.”

Jeanne Johnson Alexandria, MN