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U.S. credibility has been destroyed

To the editor:

When President Obama was elected, he promised that he would improve our standing with our allies and our enemies abroad and on the promise alone was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. But let’s look at where we are.

He has broken our long-standing foreign policy to never negotiate with terrorists, and currently talks with the likes of al-Qaida, and in return we got Benghazi (which the major news media has still failed to cover adequately). He withdrew support from Egypt, one of our strongest allies in the Middle East, which opened the door for the Muslim Brotherhood-led mob to take over.

He kept his (foolish) promise to pull out of Iraq, which allowed the country to fall into a state of disarray, violence and terror (as predicted). He can’t figure out what to do with Syria, and makes nice with Iran, which upsets another of our major allies in the region, Saudi Arabia, which is now threatening to cut off ties. All this, while never fully supporting our strongest ally in that region, Israel.

His failed foreign policy has destabilized the entire Middle East, encouraged radical Muslim uprisings and terrorists, and discouraged our allies.

Throw on top of this his recently revealed spying on Germany, Spain, France, England and the scores of other allies (not to mention the spying on U.S. citizens), and the boy who would be king has destroyed all U.S. credibility in foreign affairs.

This is coupled with demoralizing U.S. troops, launching an all-out purge of flag officers (he has fired almost 15 flag officers since taking office), because they dare to speak out against his policies.

This man has put us in an incredibly dangerous and precarious situation.

Jeff Fassett Alexandria, MN