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Find middle ground on evolution

To the editor:

All too often, discussion of evolution is limited in scope and breadth to that of biological change and becomes mired in theological debates about creation. I have personally found it challenging to explore the middle ground – reconciling scientific fact with religious beliefs and doctrines. Perhaps there is a way to rethink and reframe our idea of evolution, and in so doing, find that middle ground.

Let’s consider that creation is evolving on a much grander, cosmological scale, involving not only in biological and physical realms, but those of culture and spirit as well.

Consider evolution that does not find science and religion at odds, but an evolution in which our evolving spirituality informs the scientist and vice versa.

Consider a spiritual evolution that invites us to interpret not only scripture as divine, but also scientific evidence as an inspired interpretation of reality. Perhaps doing so will allow us to become better prepared to be a constructive (and not destructive) part of emerging creation, and work together to save what appears to be an increasingly fragile environment and world.

Author and Minister Bruce Sanguin will be at the Alexandria United Methodist Church on November 8, 9 and 10 to explore Scripture through an evolutionary and ecological lens. All are invited to take part in what promises to be a fascinating conversation.

Heidi Ryan Alexandria, MN