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Persecutions of Christians continue

To the editor:

The AFA Journal, November 2013, wrote: Christian bakers, Aaron and Melissa Klein owned and ran their business, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, in Gresham, Oregon. A lesbian couple came to the bakery, asking the Christian owners to make them a wedding cake. The owners stated they could not provide service for the wedding because of their religious views.

Since that time, the Kleins have received harassing phone calls, letters and death threats. On top of that, the state threatened to investigate them for human rights violations. The Kleins were eventually forced to shut down.

A photographer in New Mexico recently experienced similar ire from the homosexual community. Elaine Hugentin was asked to photograph a same-sex wedding ceremony. When she refused, the homosexual couple reported it to the state, which found her guilty of violating the human rights of the lesbian couple.

This writer believes our great country needs a few more stalwarts who take a public stand for biblical morality.

Dick Grenell Brandon, MN