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The Alexandria Aces are amazing

To the editor:

Kudos to the Echo Press for your excellent two-part series on the awesome Aces of Alexandria by Eric Morken. These incredible kids, under the direction of Larry Novotny, have virtually gone unknown and unrecognized for the past 20 years, despite the fact that, as you pointed out, they have “turned into one of the best halftime basketball shows” for millions of fans throughout the country.

This program has only resulted due to the vision, dedication and commitment of Larry Novotny, who has unselfishly taken the time out of his professional career to make this happen. Then there are the hundreds of kids and their parents who have given their time and often expense, to send these ambassadors of our community throughout the country.

Alexandria has a lot to be proud of. We recognize and honor our businesses and industries. We run fundraisers for many deserving entities in our community. We spend a lot of money promoting Alexandria. It would seem reasonable that any venture that reaches millions of people all over the country may have some significant advertising value. The Aces could use your support.

In any event, thank you, Larry, and all you Aces and their families who are or have been a part of this program. You truly are amazing!

Tom Osterberg Alexandria, MN