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What would Jesus do?

To the editor:

I want to thank the community of Hoffman for the wonderful 10 years of friendship and cooperation they have given me as activities director of Good Samaritan! This community has been so supportive volunteering (sometimes daily), to make our home extra warm and friendly.

The most valuable resource in Hoffman is their people who care about friends and neighbors. Churches and civic organizations as well as individuals have been the backbone of our ministry here. God has blessed you with each other. During hard times and celebrations you have remained a family. In many ways you are “Jesus with skin on” to your fellow man.

As most of you know, we were as shocked and surprised as you in the community that decisions were made that do not reflect what we would expect from a Christian ministry. I don’t believe the founder of Good Samaritan would be proud of what has happened here to ask the elderly to move before winter.

I won’t pretend to understand the reasons for closing the facility instead of selling it to the city or a private individual who would keep it open. This community needs this home and the jobs desperately. These residents are family to many of us who no longer have parents and we want the best for them.

I choose not to be bitter toward individuals who have made these decisions but I would like to ask them to change their minds and the way they look at future decisions. I would ask you to reread the Good Samaritan story in Luke 10:30-37 and consider: “What would Jesus do?” Please don’t walk by and ignore us when we are wounded and hurting, or you are no better than those who did so in this passage.

Evangeline “Vange” Anderson, activities director, Good Samaritan Society Hoffman, MN