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It’s not affordable health care

To the editor:

Re: Letter to editor, Echo Press, October 18, 2013, about extortion.

If there’s extortion, it’s by the DDDE, DDDA, DDDF and the DDDT.

The people employed by the government didn’t have a thing to worry about, as they knew they’d get paid (the Democrats saw to that) anyway, for a little job like winding a clock.

The Democrats are so sneaky, they work it out so the Republicans get the bill last (and the blame). The Democrats in the House said they were going to vote on the bill before they even read it. All Harry Reid can say is, “It’s dead. It’s dead. It’s dead.” before he even gets it.

It’s not affordable health care. I know people who checked on it and their premiums would be double for less health care. It’s just like with Ted Kennedy’s Rx card: Pay if you get it, pay if you don’t. That’s real democracy!

Jane Pflugradt

Garfield, MN