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We don’t need preschool or kindergarten

To the editor:

Money, money, money. Is that all this country can think of? Mark Thorsen, you credit Governor Dayton for the gay marriage bill for the money it will bring in. Aren’t our morals and values the most important?

I think our governor should cancel the Vikings’ stadium and use that money for priorities. Make the Viking brats and their crooked owner build their own stadium or play in the Metrodome. The rest of us have to sacrifice. Why shouldn’t they?

And no, we do not need preschool or kindergarten. That is just the government babysitting. I don’t think 4 and 5 year olds are ready to be away from home all day long. There were 10 in our family, and none of us went to kindergarten. We learned a lot from our mother – respect and responsibility, which I don’t think they learn in these fancy new schools.

Kids learn the best when they are young, and that’s why they should be home with their mom. I never spent one day in kindergarten, but I know where to put a shopping cart.

They can’t preach education to me, as I think we’re getting more and more worthless people to pay than we have ever had. Just look and see all the shopping carts scattered all over the store lots and tell me what education is showing. We need more parent teaching and less kindergarten.

Loren Kakac

Alexandria, MN