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The beginning of government by extortion

To the editor:

Congratulations to DuWayne Paul for having the courage to admit that he likes the Social Security and Medicare programs. Every time you cash a Social Security check or use Medicare, thank the Democrats. Not one Republican voted for either of those programs, if I remember my history right. As to his very logical question as to why this system cannot be extended to younger people, the answer is simple: Republican opposition. Democrats call Medicare a “single payer system,” and the Republicans call it “socialized medicine.”

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) enrollment system crashed because the interested in Obamacare was much higher than anticipated. The plan was for 60,000 hits/day, and the system got overwhelmed by more than 2 million hits/day, demonstrating great need. Technicians will correct the problem.

Hilda Bettermann’s article that a government shutdown is not a big deal is ludicrous. Many children will not get fed, educated or receive medical care. Land owners will not receive CRP checks. Farmers are in turmoil. Emergency response to hurricanes and floods is not possible. National parks are closed, and the resort owners that depend upon them are shut down. Eight hundred thousand people are out of work, exposing as a lie to the Republican claim to be job creators. The list goes on and on. The government does work.

Why are the Republicans willing to destroy our government and make us the laughingstock of the world? One theory is that they are still fighting the Civil War, can’t stand a black president and are willing to do anything to discredit him. One commentator on CNN stated, “If the Republicans win, this is the end of democracy, the end of majority rule and the beginning of government by extortion.”

We have to pray that they don’t win.

Marv Jensen

Kensington, MN