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Country was designed to run with states governing

To the editor:

In response to the letter regarding absent government and what we don’t have with an absent government, half of the listed services in this letter would not be absent if government did not exist.

There were public schools long before there was a Board of Education, and many would argue that they produced far superior learning results than the “one-size fits-all” public school system that we have today.

Due to the fact that Alexandria has three (last time I checked) neighborhood libraries that citizens took time out of their personal life to construct, I would wager that public libraries would still exist without the presence of government.

While government is the entity that regulates where we can dump our garbage, what can and cannot be sold as an approved, legal drug, and what we can do to curb epidemics, it is not government that actually performs the regulation, it is everyday individuals such as doctors, waste management workers, etc. And all of these things could be accomplished by local government, which is the way our country was designed to run.

We were not supposed to be overseen by our federal overlords. We are supposed to be governed by our states and protected from oppression from those states by our federal government.

I would also like to contend that with federal government, there is no Constitution. And I think we’d all be a lot happier if there were no elections, since they don’t come good on the promises that they make during their runs anyhow.

Christine Fischer Glenwood, MN