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A path to a better Minnesota

To the editor:

I am writing in reference to Rep. Mary Franson’s news release regarding the child care unionization ruling [Echo Press, October 4, Page A3].

I proudly belong to this “big bad union” that Rep. Franson continues to bash.

Because of our child care union, Child Care Providers Together, I have more opportunities to increase quality in my child care, not less. I have more support networks, not less. I have access to benefits I have never had before. I have a network across the state advocating together to make Minnesota better.

Preventing child care providers from the opportunity to come together to improve our profession is an injustice to fellow child care providers and the children we care for.

If Minnesota had continued down Rep. Franson’s path of slashing education, our children would have to accept a life of lower expectations. Instead, Minnesota’s DFL-led Legislature wisely chose to invest in every learner from preschool through college, and to partner with the professionals who teach and help us raise our kids.

All-day kindergarten and scholarships that help parents afford child care and college; that’s our path to a better Minnesota, where opportunity is abundant.

Child care providers deserve the opportunity to make our own decisions, to determine what’s best for our small businesses and most importantly, for the children in our care and their parents.

Lynn Barten,  Family child care provider Alexandria, MN