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What will global warming do here?

To the editor:

The latest assessment of global climate change is quite sobering. Approximately 2,000 volunteer climate scientists appointed by the United Nations have examined 9,200 peer-reviewed studies on the earth’s climate and concluded that the science is 95 to 100-percent certain that humans are causing the earth to warm (

So what exactly does this mean for Minnesotans? What does this mean for us here in Alexandria? For one thing, it means that our walleye fisheries will be replaced by bass fisheries, and our cold-water fish like lake trout, whitefish, eelpout and cisco will be confined to a handful of lakes in the northeastern corner of the state.

The pine, spruce and fir forests that we’ve enjoyed visiting in northern Minnesota will be replaced with dry oak-savannah by 2100 and our wildlife like lynx, moose and pine martin will be forced further into Canada. It also means that our winter climate will shift to that currently in Illinois and our summers will be like they are in Kansas.

The unique north-like culture of Minnesota will be lost and the pride that we have as Minnesotans will no longer be felt by future generations.

The good news is there’s still time to change. Let’s be part of the solution, not the problem. Support a revenue-neutral carbon tax with proceeds returned to the public. It’s the best and perhaps only way to save our way of life here in Minnesota.

Patty Bracey, Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Brandon, MN