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We should have Medicare for all

To the editor:

[In response to DuWayne Paul’s October 9 column.]

We continue to see a commentary from a “libertarian conservative” who just qualified for Medicare. It must be an agonizing decision to accept a liberal program, such as Medicare, but it seems to meet his needs with the ease of process, etc.

Then, he questions why do we have to have the Affordable Care Act? Evidently, he forgot how Hillary Clinton was subjected to ridicule and scorn by our conservative legislators for advocating exactly the “too logical” process that was already in place, for everyone.

The only reason Obamacare was brought into existence was to appease the very same conservatives that didn’t want and still don’t want this Socialist program. I wish our president would have fought for the single payer system, Medicare, for all and expose the greed and perpetual hatred of any program that benefits anyone that the conservatives deem to be unworthy.

How pitiful that the government shutdown is “some inconvenience.” Perhaps he could explain that to the families of the troops recently brought home, in caskets, from the endless “killing field” in Afghanistan, and to the disabled/retired veterans who might be “furloughed” too. But it’s evidently not an inconvenience as long as he continues to receive Social Security and Medicare, or would this be too much “tightening up the money to government?” I guess we’ll have to wait for part two in a column to find out.

Arthur LeSuer

Alexandria, MN