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Obamacare is like pig manure

To the editor:

In regard to the fury over the Republican legislation tying a new budget to the delay of implementing Obamacare for a year, until the kinks are worked out, and everybody is treated as well under this scheme as the favored unions and big donors to Obama and his minions in the Democrat party, I would offer some observations.

Just labeling a sack of horse manure as gold does not make it gold. Just declaring a room “clean” does not conceal the smell of a rotting body in the room. The protests of the Obama sycophants to the contrary, any rational person who takes a good look at the scheme or takes a deep whiff will see the rot in the body of the legislation and smell the putrid stench of overreaching government by the Obama regime.

Obamacare is like pig manure. Once you step in it, no matter how well you wash and clean your shoes, the stench will be with you for a long, long time. We should be grateful that the Republican House members are rolling out the legislation to remove the septic smell of this socialist healthcare scheme.

Bill Schulz

Fergus Falls, MN