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Not doing what they were hired to do

To the editor:

In so many things are the written words: “We the people;” “For the people;” “By the people.”

So, Congress, what are you doing for the people? You are not doing what we the people sent you to Washington to do. You have found that by bickering and arguing, you have by default shut this country down.

I, like so many others, have given time for this country, and I am not talking about just veterans, which I am of 28 years. I am talking about every American that goes to work every day and brings home a paycheck, every American that now expects that what they paid into to be there for them.

We hired you to work, we hired you to pay the bills, and we hired you to keep us strong. We said go to Washington and sit in the Capitol, and make decisions that will protect all of us. And what we have seen so far is just the opposite.

You have turned to finger pointing, name calling and have shown that we the people made a grave mistake! You have taken what we hired you to do and made a mockery of this. And this goes all the way to the doors of the White House. Yes, Mr. President, you are the leader of the greatest country in the world. Now please, act like it.

Note to all of you that the words Republic and Democracy are in many of our greatest treasures: our Constitution and Our Pledge of Allegiance. Take up arms in the right way and allow this country to move forward. For once, allow what you were elected to do to be in the forefront of what is right. Remember why you are there, and who put you there.

Robert Novak

Alexandria, MN