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Should revoke government health care benefits

To the editor:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is a clinical definition of insane. It must be true. I looked it up 14 times.

Then there’s the Republican Ruling Elite (RRE). Before their first at-bat, the chance factor for success was 0.1 percent. With last week’s 42nd swing-and-a-miss, it‘s now 0.0 percent. Yet they still can’t accept the reality: Obama will not kill ObamaCare. I don’t know at what number it becomes verified, but at least I know for sure: House Republicans are certifiably nuts.

It’s sad, but kinda amusing, too. Whipped into a frenzy by their extremist fringe, fearful they’ll be overthrown by someone in their own party even nuttier, The RRE is locked in a Civil War; a spinning circle of rage on the brink of implosion. It’s like watching hundreds of angry people bash both each other and their own heads with a baseball bat, over and over and …

But it‘s far from surprising. The RRE has been blaming the less fortunate than they for everything bad since forever. They battled against Social Security (lost), Medicare (lost again) and now with ObamaCare (Strike 3), it’s more proof how much they really hate that pesky “Promote the General Welfare” clause-thingy.

However, if the RRE wants redemption (I’ll bet no), they can revoke the government health care they gave themselves. Then nobody can call them hypocrites.

Unless that happens (chance factor: 0.01 percent), the RRE’s siren call will remain the same: “I’ve got mine. The peasants can beg.”

I predict these self-inflicted head-smash reruns will continue. So I’m gonna buy stock in Louisville Sluggers and hope this show gets canceled in November 2014.

Side note for editor: Please reprint this letter 43 times. It might work.

Mike Butler

East Grand Forks, MN