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Letter: Miss Dalman’s column

To the editor:

I too miss Dennis Dalman’s column. The letter in the September 11 issue regarding his column was so true.

I think it’s pretty obvious why he isn’t writing for the Echo Press anymore. Some people just could not stand his opinion. So, therefore, you pull his column.

Like the reader said, a healthy democracy allows for opinion, debate and different perspectives on both sides of an issue.

Newspapers all over the country have their writers that are to the left or the right. That’s their opinion and their right. It is called an opinion column. It’s also our right as readers to read it if we want. The TV stations and the local radio stations say their opinion on subjects and they are not taken off the station because of it.

Regardless of his political views, Dennis is a great writer. I always looked forward to Friday’s paper. When I can read an article and it makes me LOL (laugh out loud), I want to read more. He did that with his stories and I could relate to some of them. Like the MRI episode. That was so me.

Like DuWayne Paul says, “I’m just sayin’.” Oh, and are you going to pull his column too, because some people don’t like it?

Marti Stember

Alexandria, MN

Editor’s note: As mentioned in a previous letter, newspapers are continually moving and changing their products and we’re no exception. We know Dennis Dalman is a gifted writer and will be missed by many of our readers.