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Update: Woman dies in Alexandria apartment fire

Letter: Football should be banned

To the editor:

It’s time for seriously considering banning the sport of football from being a part of the overall sport scene. Football contributes the lion’s share of sports-related injuries, such as concussion, which can affect a player for life.

A newspaper columnist once compared football to war, with the sides trying to push each other over the “front lines” for a score or a win. And the players themselves, with their uniforms and helmets, have come to resemble space aliens.

The University of Chicago ended football over a century ago and has become a prestigious academic institution. Football coaches today, in comparison, are often paid more than the president of the university.

Perhaps it’s time to recognize that the principle reason for attending a school is to get an education. And that should include ending all sports-related scholarships.

The building of super-expensive football and to a certain extent, other stadiums, is reminiscent of the ancient Roman Empire, with gladiators of ancient-times replaced by modern-day players. Bread and circuses are provided to the masses, while the more pressing problems are often pushed aside.

The philosopher of Ancient Roman times, named Seneca, warned that Rome would fall, but his words were ignored. Rome was the world and the world was Rome. But the voices of the ancient roman scoffers are as still as the rubble of Ancient Rome.

Government should get out of the sports financing business; just as it should get out of the hardware business, which it does successfully, and consumers are better off as a result.

Mark Thronson

Wheaton, MN