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Letter - Veterans are always worth gratitude and support

To the editor:

War. Think about the word for a minute. Please just stop what you are doing and think that word, nothing else. War.

It will garner very different responses for different people. Not so much if you agree with whatever war comes to mind. More so, how were you affected personally?

Speaking for myself, personally, I can be grateful that no one close to me was taken or wounded. However, I am vividly aware how very fortunate I am. I make it a point to, with complete and sincere humble gratitude, to thank people I meet who have served.

Agree or not, these people willingly lay down their lives for the sake of mine (and yours) out of a sense of duty and honor. That will always be worth my gratitude and support.

Consider supporting The Wounded Warrior Project, either financially or with volunteering. We have a V.A. in Alexandria. It is, at best, the very least we can do.

Kathy Koester

Alexandria, MN