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Keeping America safe has its costs

To the editor:

In response to 'Little room for wisdom or common sense' letter in the September 4 edition:

The writer makes a good point on the atrocities of dead children. I agree that abortion kills far too many children indiscriminately. Keeping America safe has its costs and collateral damage is more often than not precipitated by those we target. If the writer has a better solution to protecting our security he should contact our elected representatives. As a retired military person of over 24 years and having some knowledge of the criteria for selecting targets, collateral damage is always weighed against the value of the target.

During the Iraq war we used bombs made of such things as concrete to destroy armored vehicles parked near schools, mosques and hospitals. (Not so the innocent 3,000 plus cowardly killed on September 11, 1991 if the writer remembers.) Far too many times our own military personnel are needlessly put in harm's way due to restrictive rules of engagement.

On the issue of Palestine and Israel, one would hope English teachers would also be students of history. I believe our current president capitulated to the Muslim hearts and minds after his first election and how's that working in the Middle East? Did it calm the area? Did it engender peace and stability?

The USA and Israel have offered the olive branch countless times and the Palestinians cannot get beyond the total destruction of Israel. Their history books are filled with hate for Jews and they are taught from early youth to hate them. It's early education that shapes future thinking as evident in the Progressive movement in our own education system to get God out and teach that government is the solution to all ills but only if the rich pay their fair share.

Roger Hegland

Alexandria, MN