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Letter - Research and vote for Modern Whig Party

To the editor:

Polls released by MSNBC News show the drop in the percent of people who now claim to be Republicans from 27 percent down to 18 percent, a 9 percent drop. We also know the Democrats lost in this poll, too. No wonder people are leaving the two major parties, with $23 million spent a week to run a do-nothing Congress. I blame both major parties for this mess in Washington and in state legislatures across America.

It's time for a national third party like the Modern Whig Party. Please research this party at the national party website Veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan started this party in 2006. Veterans of all ages should be looking to this party for leadership in fighting the budget cuts to the VA. The Modern Whig Party supports a fully-funded VA with a clear mission and the Whig Plan for Homeless Veterans.

I urge you all to stop voting for and donating to the major two parties. It's time for the Modern Whig Party to be your new political home. Research this party and vote for their future candidates. The Modern Whig Party is the fastest growing political party in America today.

Michael Burger

Mankato, MN