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Little room for wisdom or common sense

To the editor:

Strange, is it not, that today we are outraged to be shown dead children gassed in Syria on television, but we have never been shown the untold number of children killed by our bombing civilians indiscriminately in Iraq and Afghanistan? Would we have felt the same outrage about ourselves and demanded an abrupt end to those two wars in the Mideast if such had been the case? No, we would just protest such atrocities being shown to the world!

In each case, thousands of innocent Arab civilians were killed to protect our own security here at home. All bombings of cities not directed specifically against military personnel is condoned and applauded so long as it is presented to ensure our own safety and security and kept from public view.

Now, with the use of poison gas in Syria we see an abrupt shift of attitude on the parts of many former doves and hawks with many Democratic doves now supporting the president in a military strike, simply because he is a Democrat, and former Republican hawks backing away from further involvement in another senseless engagement that will continue to exist with entrenched warring factions across the spectrum of Islam.

The Shiites and the Sunnis, the Taliban and the al-Qaida will be forever at each other's throats no matter how long we stay as a buffer in each Muslim state.

What if we had spent $3 trillion to help the Palestinians to establish a peaceful state with Israel as a neighbor instead of an implacable enemy, wouldn't we now be further ahead in capturing Muslim hearts and minds? Common sense gives us the answer, but there is little room in today's political inferno for wisdom or common sense.

Lee Paulson

Glenwood, MN