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Wetlands must be protected

To the editor:

As members of congress return from recess to finish the 2013 Farm Bill, Minnesota's sportsmen and women are eager to see the bill include conservation practices that safeguard wildlife habitat.

One thing that is definitely needed to accomplish habitat conservation is the recoupling of conservation compliance with crop insurance. Without recoupling, we stand to lose about 1.4 million wetlands in the prairie pothole region alone, where most of the ducks come from.

Recoupling conservation compliance and crop insurance would safeguard wetlands, providing habitat critical to our nation's waterfowl, and impact very few farmers because more than 90 percent of them would already be in compliance if the link was re-established.

The long-standing agreement between American taxpayers and farmers has served as an effective partnership model to protect the wetlands that provide drinking water and wildlife habitat. Congressman Collin Peterson needs to act to protect sportsmen's and taxpayers' interest and relink conservation compliance to crop insurance in the 2013 Farm Bill.

John Lindquist

Evansville, MN