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Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down: Views by the Echo Press


Thumbs Up: If you weren’t at the Douglas County Fairgrounds last Friday night, you missed something very special – an event that blended sadness, joy, inspiration and hope into an emotionally powerful experience. All those involved in the Douglas County Relay for Life did an incredible job moving such a massive event from its old location, Jefferson High School’s athletic field, to a new location, the fairgrounds. The event raised a record amount, $135,000, to fight cancer but the event was more than just raising money. The honoree cancer survivors and a caregiver delivered a message about never giving up, about how cancer actually added to their lives by making them realize just how special life is, and about courage, perseverence and faith. Make plans to attend next year’s relay. It’s a life-affirming opportunity.


Thumbs Up: On a related Relay for Life note, a reader sends a thumbs up to the local businesses who supported the cause by going “all out” to decorate their store fronts or work places with purpose signs and messages. “I visited Colorful Seasons and they have done an amazing job,” said the reader. “It was worth a trip out there just to see it. Hats off to them!”


Thumbs Down: Here’s a driving peeve we’ve seen time and time again on main county roads. Drivers coming from a side road who have a stop sign come barreling down their road at a high rate of speed, so fast that it will cause a driver on the main road to start braking, thinking there is no way the other driver is even seeing the stop sign. Then, at the last second, the driver from the side road will finally slow down and stop. What is the huge rush? They are going to have to wait at the stop sign anyway. It would be a lot safer, and less stressful, to start slowing down a whole lot sooner.


Thumbs Down: And speaking of stress on the road, an Alexandria resident was the apparent victim of a road range incident on July 5 when she was rear-ended by another driver. She sent this note: “To the person who rear-ended me, I’m sorry I passed you when you pulled out in front of me. I don’t know why you honked at me for the next two miles. I truly waved “sorry” at you if I did something wrong. I was enjoying the beautiful blue sky in my Geo convertible. It only goes 55. So please, relax during this gorgeous summer in beautiful Alexandria. The seasonal traffic will eventually go away.”


Thumbs Down: A Kensington woman was frustrated when she tried to order a new supply of insulin. She called the company, prepaid the $260.56 order with her credit card, giving out all her financial information, but after a week, the order never came. When she called to check on it, they hadn’t even shipped it yet and they told her the charge was now $860.28. She tried to stop the order and was told she would have to provide all of her personal information once again, something she did not want to do. “Why did they take all that information down in the first place and not use it and then not even tell me until I called them?” she asked. It’s yet another example of the gaps and glitches in our faltering health care system.


Thumbs Up: Marcia Weisel of Alexandria sends a thumbs up to a woman named Dawn who found her purse in a shopping cart at Pete’s County Market and brought it to her home.


Thumbs Up: An Alexandria high school student working as a cashier at Walmart witnessed a touching display of generosity over the Fourth of July weekend. While making small talk with an elderly couple, the cashier found out that the husband was recovering from a massive heart attack and was lucky to be alive. Because of all the medical bills, they were watching their budget and ended up setting aside a few items because they weren’t able to pay for everything. After they went on their way, the man in line behind the couple asked why they left some items behind. After the cashier explained, the man told the cashier to ring up the items as part of his bill and he then chased the couple down to give them the things they couldn’t afford. The cashier found out that the Good Samaritan knew what the couple was going through; he had retired early so he could take care of his wife who was battling MS.