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Echo Press Editorial: Thumbs Up/Down, views by the Echo Press


Thumbs Up: The ladies from Bethel Manor, Building III, second floor, would like to give a thumbs up to the local United Way and the Alexandria Area Hockey Association for the Christmas baskets they received through the Santa for Seniors program on December 19. A total of 422 baskets were delivered, exceeding the goal of 420. “It was such a surprise and it was fun to sit in a group and keep taking the gifts from the bags and exclaiming over them,” said one of the residents. “The greatest pleasure came with meeting the children and adults distributing them and best of all were the Christmas cards the children had made.”


Thumbs Up: The Stuff-A-Truck food drive was a big success again this year, thanks to the generous donations from the community. A total of 19,000 pounds of food were collected, $181 in cash donated and 211 random bags of kindness were purchased. “The light of the Christmas star was shining brightly over each school as the students of School District 206 filled the Stuff-A-Truck trailer one can of food at a time,” noted Roger Hochsprung, coordinator. “Every family needing assistance will receive nutritious meals during the holiday season and into the New Year.”


Thumbs Up: A local resident came across two “Christmas elves” who helped her out of a jam this holiday season. After her car became stuck in the snow along the road, she said “two nice gentlemen – a Mr. Vickerman and an employee of Steve Olson Heating” – stopped to help her. “There are so many good people out there, plowing their neighbors’ sidewalks, driveways and doing other good deeds for just a ‘thanks’ and a Merry Christmas,” she said.


Thumbs Down: Traffic laws are pretty straightforward but it’s amazing how many drivers carelessly forget them. One reader clipped a recent “Ask a Trooper” column from Sergeant Jesse Grabow entitled, “What are the laws about cars, pedestrians and crosswalks?” The reader included a note: “Please print this in every paper and expand. Violations of traffic laws are rabid.” Grabow answered the following: Are drivers who are taking a right turn on red supposed to stop? The short answer: Yes. Are drivers supposed to stop before a stop sign and not after it? The answer: Yes, drivers must stop at a clearly marked stop line. Are cars supposed to wait for people in the crosswalk or can they pass by if there is enough space? The answer: Drivers must remain stopped until the pedestrian has passed the lane in which the vehicle is stopped.


Thumbs Down: Here’s a possible scam reported by an Osakis resident. She’s been getting phone calls saying that there is a pre-paid medical alert system ready for her, if she provided certain personal information. There were other red flags with the phone calls as well. The resident and the Todd County Sheriff’s Office remind people that they should not divulge personal information to such callers.