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Editorial - It's time to celebrate, remember county fair

It's hard to tell where you're going tomorrow if you don't remember how you got to where you are today.

In other words, history matters. It should be passed along, remembered, recorded and cherished. Even in today's nano-second, multi-platform world of shared information, there are lessons to be learned from past experiences, trailblazers who deserve to be remembered and appreciation of past events that shape where we stand today.

This year, the Douglas County Fair is celebrating 125 years of history. A story on today's front page highlights a member of the Douglas County Agricultural Association, the group that organizes the fair, as he recalled his 48 years of service. His memories were insightful, giving glimpses into how the fair has grown, the challenges it overcame and the hard work that goes into making the Douglas County Fair one of the best organized in the state.

Historical milestones such as the fair's 125th anniversary call out for a celebration and the newspaper is asking readers to join in the fun. We're urging readers to share their favorite memories of the Douglas County Fair.

There's a lot of ground to cover.

Those in their 80s may remember what the fair was like back in the late 1930s. What was the food like back then? Were there any rides? How many people turned out? What were the most popular things to do?

In the decades since then, the fair has gone through more changes than you can shake a pork chop-on-a-stick at. We'd like to hear special memories from all those eras, right on up to the present day.

We plan to include the reader reminisces in a story prior to the Douglas County Fair, which runs from August 15-18.

So send a few sentences of your favorite fair memories to, Echo Press, P.O. Box 549, Alexandria, MN 56308; fax them to (320) 763-3258, or drop it off at the newspaper office at 225 7th Avenue East.

Let's make the 125th great county get-together a memorable one!