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Murder charges reinstated in 2013 stabbing

Thumbs Up/Down - August 2, 2013


Thumbs Up: Sherry Malcolm of Pittsboro, North Carolina found some kindness on the Central Lakes Trail while biking to Garfield this week. She had a blowout and the group she was with was deciding what to do when three women rode past. "Since we are from North Carolina, we did not know the cross streets or the local bike shops," she said. "Several minutes later, the women came back to help us. One called Jake's Bikes and asked if they could send someone out with a tire. Even though we were about seven miles from Alex, Troy came to our rescue and we were back on our bikes. Big thanks to Luanne G. and her friends. They turned a disappointment into an adventure."


Thumbs Up: A reader sends a "thumbs up" to Rainbow Rider drivers. He uses the transportation because of his low vision and over the past few years, he's been very pleased with way the drivers treat their riders. "They are very accommodating to me and sometimes they will walk me to the door I need to go to so I don't slip on the ice or fall in the snow," he said. "Like any person with a disability, we have to adjust to a change in circumstances. Last week in particular [July 12], I was being picked up from a downtown location and it was not scheduled but I called and they came very quickly. The driver, Valerie M., assisted me as well as helped me with a couple of boxes that I needed to transport back to the house. About two minutes later, an elderly lady with a walker came out of the beauty salon and I noticed that our driver waited for this dear senior and found out she needed to go just a few blocks away. She got out of the bus and helped the woman with her walker and I moved out of the front seat so this lady could have an easier time to find a seat. As we stopped at this house of hers, the driver brought her right to the front door and made sure she was going to get in as evidently she lives alone. Also, I heard the garbage bin being pulled up to her garage. The Rainbow Rider driver brought it up for her. I thought how cool is that!"


Thumbs Down: If you write a letter to the editor, please include your full name, address and phone number. Only your name and the name of your town will be printed. The other information is for verification purposes and serves as a way for the newspaper to contact you if we have any questions about your letter. And use your actual, full name - not just initials. We recently received a letter from "I.C. Waters" (red flag number one) who listed an address as "Alex summer resident" (red flag number two). It contained no phone number or no other address (red flag numbers three and four). We don't print those kinds of unsubstantiated letters. There was also some flat-out incorrect information in the letter. It would have been nice to be able to contact the person to explain this but, of course, there was no way of doing so. We hope "I.C." remembers that, if he or she writes again.


Thumbs Down: An Alexandria couple received a scam e-mail earlier this month that was purportedly from the "UPS West London Center." It said they were selected as a beneficiary "to our annual award of GPB 1,000,000.00." It stated that a payment check had been deposited by the award commission to be delivered to their address. All they had to do was contact a UPS manager and it listed a foreign phone number. The couple knew better than to try the number. Don't even waste your time checking out such bogus e-mails. They're only after one thing: your money.


Thumbs Up: Busy summer schedules, work, finances and trying to be too many places at once can cause stress levels to shoot off the charts. The Alexandria United Communities Advocating Non-Violence (UCAN) sent out an e-mail with 10 short tips on how to "stress less." Here they are: 1. Dance it out. 2. Go for a walk. 3. Talk about it. 4. Breathe. 5. Go to bed earlier. 6. Focus on what you can control. 7. Reminisce about good times. 8. Ask for a hug. 9. Look for opportunities in life's challenges. 10. Smile.