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Thumbs Up/Down - April 26, 2013


Thumbs Up: We came across this insightful piece about leadership in "The Walk The Talk" company newsletter: The 10 most important words on Leadership: "What can I do to help you be more successful?" The nine most important words: "I need you to do this, and here's why..." The eight most important words: "That's my mistake and I will fix it." The seven most important words: "My door is always open to you." The six most important words: "Let's focus on solving the problem." The five most important words: "You did a great job!" The four most important words: "What do YOU think?" The three most important words: "Follow my lead." The two most important words: "Thank you." The most important word: "You."


Thumbs Up: The Yellow Ribbon program in Douglas County and Alexandria that helps soldiers received kudos from the Isanti County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon. "Thank you for your assistance in securing a used washing machine for the military family that is attached to the 850th HEC based in Cambridge, Minnesota," a leader in the program said. "Your cooperation and assistance made the task much easier."


Thumbs Up: Another local business has joined the ranks of those who are making life easier for people with physical limitations. PrimeWest Health recently installed handicap accessible doors. "Way to go PrimeWest!" said Brian Wagner. "Bless you and your staff for seeing the need for it."


Thumbs Up: Runestone Electric Association keeps an eye out for its members. During a routine spring inspection at a seasonal lake home, REA workers found an overhead garage door open but no evidence that the home was occupied. REA tracked down the owners and set up a conference call to make sure nothing had been stolen. They also manually closed the door to secure the residence. The grateful homeowner said it's another example of REA going above and beyond. "There have been times we have been frustrated with the costs of electricity. We have always been listened to and had personnel accommodate us in whatever way possible. It speaks well of Alexandria as a community. It is definitely the actions of each resident and worker in the caring of the other's welfare that we applaud today. Thank you to the staff of REA. We respect you and your actions on many levels."


Thumbs Down: We've received several complaints from drivers this past winter and after the recent snowstorms about the condition of County Road 82 East, which used to be known as Highway 27 East between Alexandria and Osakis. The road didn't get the kind of maintenance it received when it was a state-designated route and drivers noticed all the snow and ice that lingered long after a storm. One angry driver called it a highway danger, an accident waiting to happen. We're hoping that it's a temporary glitch that happened when maintenance switched and that the road will get more attention in the future.


Thumbs Up: Mary Anderson, board member for the Douglas County Outreach Food Shelf, sends a big thank you to all those who contributed lately. "You made the March campaign a wonderful success," she said. "Due to the generous donations of cash and food supplies, we can help to feed others who live around us. We appreciate your support and caring about others."