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Commentary: Superheroes are real in Alexandria

We can all agree that superheroes are dedicated to protecting the public. Alexandria is lucky to have superheroes living and working amongst us.

Let me start with who I am and why I am writing this. Next, I will tell you of our unique superheroes.

My name is Haley. I am a seven-year resident of Alexandria. I have a debilitating version of epilepsy.

Epilepsy makes it hard for me to leave the house. Having a seizure in public is embarrassing. The "after" leads me dazed and I'm afraid of getting lost. Rarely do I go anywhere by myself. My medications make me sick a lot, and my hair is falling out as a side effect. This leads to awkward situations.

This is where our Alexandria superheroes come in. Business owners and employees, some even on their own break time, have welcomed me as a friend and as a member of our community.

My superheroes have helped me survive in a world that is normal for many, but hard for someone like me. I'm confident I'm not alone in my sentiments.

Superhero Exhibit A: The gals at Roers Bakery. My husband and I started patronizing this business about a year and a half ago. They cared enough to learn my dietary restrictions and they now make me "naked donuts," which means no frosting and an added smile. I recently had a seizure device implant surgery; they made our two donuts on our regular day even though they weren't sure we would even make it there. "We have been looking for you," they said. This put literal tears in my eyes.

Superhero Exhibit B: Janice and Char, two wonderful people and artists at Sew Elegant, just up the street from me. They have guided and encouraged me to make my own clothing and even costumes for our daughter. They always make time to talk. Some days I go for a walk just to see them.

Superhero Exhibit C: The gals at the Coffee Pot. They have witnessed my disorder, leaving in its aftermath spilled coffee and foods and much embarrassment. They've watched me moan on my husband's shoulder; they kindly offer a genuine smile afterward to me and take it in stride, and even manage to fill up my travel mug.

Superhero Exhibit D: Jack and his family at the Great Hunan and his entire staff. They have watched over our daughter as my husband helped me to the floor to weather a seizure. They make me feel welcomed, and comfortable for us to come back again.

Superhero Exhibit E: Your Turn Boardgames. My husband has a place that he can go to socialize, game play, and know it is child and adult friendly and me friendly. The business family has been incredibly kind and supportive to me, to us.

Superhero Exhibit F-Z: Those of you too countless to mention. I carry you in my heart because you have lightened my journey, our journey, that we couldn't have otherwise traversed.

I love our imperfect town. I'm hoping my Vagus Nerve System implant will drastically diminish my seizures and provide me the opportunity to get out and about on my own, to further help people like myself be more integrated and accepted.

My next stop on God's road map for my life is unknown, but I suspect there are many more superheroes along the way.

Skeide lives in Alexandria