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Life is good in Evansville

By Terrie Mohrmann, Evansville, MN

Wow! Wonderful news for all of us at the Evansville Care Campus: Arlynn and Susie Johnson were named the winners of the Association of Nutrition and Food Professionals (ANFP) contest and named the Employers of the Year! Arlynn and Susie were honored at a ceremony in St. Cloud on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

Ardel Sterns, dietary manager and Terrie Mohrmann, afternoon cook, co-wrote the winning entry and submitted it on the last day of the contest. A couple of months later, Ardel received an e-mail message stating this entry was the official winner.

All of us who work at the campus know that both of them deserve this award. Arlynn and Susie go above and beyond to keep all aspects of their business running smoothly. A beautiful grand piano sits in the center for anyone to play. New kitchen equipment has been purchased. Alarm systems have been put in place to keep the people we support safe. Especially welcomed was the new air conditioning unit that was installed in the kitchen to help keep the staff comfortable while still delivering hot food. Beautiful flowers and decorations for a festive look appear whatever the occasion. Shiny, clean floors glow inside. Fantastic entertainment performs regularly for all to attend. And on and on and on and on…

We know what happened to the Hoffman nursing home could have happened here years ago if it wasn’t for Arlynn and Susie. They saw to it that the facility could once again be the wonderful place it once was.

It has been rewarding to see local people having their loved ones live here again and even younger people that come here for their aftercare from a surgery, etc.

Staff received bonuses again last December and even higher amounts were given for every hour that was worked. Life is good for all at the Evansville Care Campus.

Thank you, Arlynn and Susie, and congratulations on the new title: Employers of the Year!