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It's Your Turn: Readers react to Ben Franklin closing

Signs hang in the window of the Ben Franklin store in downtown Alexandria announcing the store is going out of business. (Celeste Edenloff / Echo Press)

Editor's note: This "It's Your Turn" includes comments from our Facebook page in reaction to the July 18 story about Ben Franklin. The store, which has been a fixture on Alexandria's Broadway for 54 years, plans to close on Aug. 20.

Mary Kramer: So very sad another icon (store) leaves Alexandria, MN. I have a lot of fond memories of shopping at the Ben Franklin store in Alexandria.

Cate Osterberg: In the late eighties to early nineties my friends and I would bike downtown for something to do. Ben Franklin was our last stop after the library and the Little River Store (Magpie now). We would typically buy a craft project. I remember being amazed at all the wonderful items in the store. I thought you could buy anything there! I don't know how we got some of those purchases home on our bikes, but somehow we managed! Thank you for being part of my childhood adventure.

Lois Schmidgall: I am going to miss you!

Lori Hollis Ecker: Going to miss you ladies and this store.

Ryan Arndt: My first model paint kit I got from Ben Franklin 30 years ago.

Gail Larson: Good luck to all of you.

Glenaris Arvold: My mom LOVED working there! I have sweet memories of that wishes!

Eva Marie Huschke-Quaschnick: So sad.

Deb Sullivan: I'm going to miss your store. Though I didn't get there regularly, I could always find what I needed.

Cindy Pankratz: Loved your store; it will be missed.

Connie Roehrborn Aure: Never liked that store much; didn't have much to offer.

Patti Wilken: Loved your store! You will be missed!

Shelley Wittenberg Davis: So very sad. We too would ride our bikes to town to go to the library and then to get goodies at Ben Franklin. So many good memories.

Steph Stark Cihlar: We would do the same thing. I remember loving the 5 cent atomic fireballs and gummy worms that you could buy individually at the checkout counter.

Joyce Sibell Watson: Oh no!

Angie Nolting Anderson: Good luck in your future endeavors! The memories of many of us will remain!

Mandy Maaraba: So sad! I used to love the little older ladies that worked there who helped me buy penny and nickel candy in the late 80s! Was such a wonderful adventure as a little girl!

Victoria Shaw-Kapphahn: They loved you girls also. The lady with the accent still asked about you two last time I saw her. ... My mom used to call them (Ben Franklin stores) dime stores. I remember we were in a different town and asked these kids if there was a dime store around. They said there's a Ben Franklin but they didn't think everything was a dime.

Valaurie Groat Trumm: Sad.

Sharlene Renee Peno Jennissen: Great people. Great store. And a well-written article. Thank you for the wonderful service to Alexandria.