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FROM THE ARCHIVES - 1917: Many wolves in Leaf Hills

1917, 100 years ago: Carpenters are busy on the new hotel and it will not be long before Miltona will have a place to accommodate travelers and boarders. ... In Millerville News: There are many wolves in our neighborhood this year; they are especially annoying in the Leaf Hills. It seems they can dominate more safely there in the hills than in other places. Until now the men have not succeeded in killing any of them. ... The ice-packers have commenced harvesting their crop of ice on Lake Aaron.

1967, 50 years ago: Mayor Hansen announced that permission to "erect a gate at the entrance to the dump road off Lincoln Avenue" has been secured from owners of property along the road. The gate will prevent dumping of garbage after regular hours. ... The Our Lady of Mercy Hospital Auxiliary plans to earn $2,000 to purchase equipment needed for patients having acute coronary attacks. A Coronary Care Unit is a designated area equipped and staffed to provide expert medical and nursing care to patients suffering from heart attacks. ... National Guardsmen reported for a practice alert designed to test their ability to assemble, using their own internal communications methods with no previous notice. When assembled, they conducted riot control exercises.

1992, 25 years ago: According to Bill Bahe of the Avionics Department of the Alexandria Technical College, Northwest Airlines has granted a Boeing 727 airplane to serve as a strong educational source for students. Bahe noted that it's beneficial to systems work to study the whole plane rather than the individual pieces. ... WestMarc Cable TV informed viewers in the Alexandria area of a rate increase with their January bills. Monthly rate for basic service will increase 5 percent, from $18.45 to $19.37 monthly. ... Starting in 1992, the five Douglas County Commissioners will be paid a base salary of $16,082, a 3 percent raise, which has been a common one for the last decade. ... Cutbacks affecting hours, and increases in fines and materials were announced by Douglas County Public Library officials, including cuts to 49 hours a week and new fine rates of 10 cents a day for overdue books and 5 cents for magazines.

2007, 10 years ago: Bill Ingebrigtsen of Alexandria, one of 53 new legislators alongside senior members at the Capitol, was sworn in as a Minnesota state senator. ... For the fourth consecutive year, the Land of 10,000 Lakes has earned the honor of being named the healthiest state in the nation, according to the United Health Foundation's (UHF) annual rankings report. ... After 12 years, it looks like the County 42/34/11 road reconstruction project is moving forward. The project will "maintain the existing highways, meet current design standards and improve safety."

Just for fun — 2007, 10 years ago: A totally new Echo Press Website hit the Internet. The launch coincides with the Press's 10th anniversary of its online version of the paper. "We're excited to provide this fun, informative site to meet the needs of our readers," said Jody Hanson, Echo Press publisher.

Sports Trivia — 1992, 25 years ago: Tom Lehman, former Alexandria three-sport standout and graduate, will receive the Ben Hogan Tour Player of the Year honor for 1991. Tour players and media vote for players of the year on the PGA, Senior PGA and Hogan Tour each year. ... 1967, 50 years ago: After six wrestling matches this season, the Alexandria Cardinals still have four undefeated and untied wrestlers: Jeff Timm, Wess Esterberg, Mike Alison and Doug Drexler.

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Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.