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IN THE KNOW: Alexandria in spring is exciting

Springtime in Alexandria has started out a little dreary, but we know spring is on its way because construction has started around town and before long the baskets will line Broadway and the outdoor festivities will start. The city has received and passed many permits for activities for outdoor events for this spring and summer already, so it is shaping up to be a fun and exciting time in Alexandria. Watch for the many outdoor events coming from Ole Oppe Fest to Rib Fest. Alexandria will come alive soon!

I did a quick check with the Runestone Museum on when Big Ole would be done and they are projecting the end of the first week in June, if we have good weather. It will be nice to have him back in shape for the summer!

An interesting indoor activity that many of you might not know was happening every weekend in Alexandria from January and going until May is the Women’s State Bowling Competition. There have been over 1,300 teams at Garden Center since January 22 and they will finish up May 1. This bowling tournament brings in between 6,000 and 7,000 competitors and about 10,000 people come to our community during this time.

Also, with spring beginning, we also see economic development and the start of many projects in the city of Alexandria. The areas near Target and the Holiday Inn are being developed to house new businesses, and our downtown area will see new storefronts as well. We look forward to welcoming these new businesses into our city when they open their doors; this according to Alexandria Economic Director Nicole Fernholtz

One business that will open soon and fill a void on Broadway is Bello Cucina, a new restaurant for Alexandria in the Old Broadway location that has sat vacant for way too long! We will be excited to see that business and the Old Broadway location opened again!

Meet Karin Tank

Ms. Karin Tank currently serves as the assistant city administrator/HR director. In this capacity she is responsible for the implementation and administration of a wide range of diverse projects, including employee recruitment, training, performance management, employee relations, benefit administration, job classification and compensation, safety and wellness programming, policy analysis and compliance issues.

She was instrumental in leading the successful transition of the city through significant workforce and compensation changes that included an update of the city’s organizational structure, succession planning and bringing HR systems into alignment, including a new job analysis system, classification plan and performance-based compensation plan.

Karin’s goal is to help create and sustain an environment where employees can perform at their highest levels and add value every day. Karin earned her Bachelor of Arts degree with an emphasis in Community Development in Local and Urban Affairs from St. Cloud State University. She strives to have a positive impact on the Alexandria community and beyond in all that she does. She resides in Pope County with her husband, Jason and three sons, Aiden, Maeson and Rylan.

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