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Mayor's Minute: The buzz on Broadway

The Party on Broadway was a great success and lots of fun! Thanks to all who had a part in making it a success and to all those who participated in the fun!

That was followed up by Community Night Out, Tuesday night, which was another great success and I would like to thank our police department, all city employees and those who donated items for that event.

On to the Broadway project: there you will notice the contractor continues to make good progress on Phase 2. The first of the sidewalk was placed on Tuesday and will continue this week. Also, the contractor plans to start the installation of the traffic signal poles at Sixth and Broadway.

The bases for the poles and the control cabinet have already been poured. An abandoned window well was discovered under the sidewalk on the south side of Magpie. Altogether, six window wells have been discovered in Phase 2. The asphalt paving of Sixth Avenue should be done by now.

The final phase (Phase 3) is set to begin on Monday. Do you believe it? Although it is slated to last nine weeks, there is an end in sight!

The last buzz on Broadway is “Crazy Days” this week, which started yesterday and runs through tomorrow. Check it out and the new intersection on Sixth! Broadway may be under construction, but it sure has been buzzing with activity!

● ● ●

I stopped in at Randy’s Men’s Wear to see what Randy Spoden had to say about the project as he has been affected both this year and last year with the side street construction.

Always optimistic and impeccably dressed, Spoden said, “I think the project has gone exceptionally well! The cooperation from the city has made it as easy as possible for businesses to do business by doing this project in phases. Also, by encouraging businesses to work together on promotions, we have probably done more promoting than we have in years! We have great cooperation among businesses.”

Hal Miller, one of Randy’s salespeople, added, “One thing you need to know about Randy is that his great attitude about this project is really what has kept us going during this construction. He has never been negative. He just has kept that positive attitude everywhere and to everyone that walks in the door!”

That’s what makes it fun to shop at Randy’s Men’s Wear – you come out looking great and get a good outlook at the same time!

● ● ●

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