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I'm Just Sayin': Thoughts about Duck Dynasty, Velveeta and the New Year

DuWayne Paul - I'm Just Sayin'

I don’t know about you, but I am certainly glad that the controversy between Duck Dynasty and the A&E network is over and Phil is returning to the show. It was exhausting to follow the cataclysmic events over a few weeks during the recent holiday season. I couldn’t get my thoughts away from it. Was this really necessary? How would I survive without a weekly fix of Duck Dynasty episodes? It was just too disturbing and upsetting.

Family values, praying and hunting seemed like too much to deal with for many folks who wanted to see the show end. But, America has spoken, and money won out. A&E decided that the most popular show in cable TV history should go on. Chalk one up for the free market of public opinion winning out over an out-of-touch Hollywood and its political correctness agendas.

So now, just on the heels of the Duck Dynasty controversy, comes another of almost volcanic proportions. It was announced that Kraft Foods may have a shortage of Velveeta cheese for the American market. This is big, although the French would not agree on this one.

How will we survive without our spreadable and easily sliced fake cheese? The ingredient in many Super Bowl dips and food dishes is just too important to the lives of a football-crazy and party-hosting nation. Maybe we will have to resort to heated up limburger for our chip dips and sliced brie for our cheese sandwiches! The Germans and the French would be puzzled by this, but America is puzzling to them anyway. Why not heap it on and distract them from the NSA spying on them?

It’s a good thing we had a New Year to celebrate and take our minds off these critical and life-changing events.

This brings me to another “deep thought:” Why do we celebrate a New Year? Why do we capitalize the words “new year?” Is it a door closing behind us or a page turning to new events and a look forward? Maybe so, but why can’t that be done on any day?

We typically use the New Year to put things behind us or initiate changes in our lives. One typical change is to alter our eating habits and physical activity routines in order to lose weight. Why couldn’t this start on June 19, for instance? Or, we vow to learn from the past year and improve ourselves and our situations for the next year. How about starting that on any day? And, the big New Year resolution comes with vowing to make the next year better with plans and strategies for our lives, our families and our jobs. Again, can’t that start on any hour of any day of the year?

It’s all a bit puzzling why we put so much emphasis and effort into flipping from December 31 to January 1. We want to lose weight, be smarter from what we learned last year, and get ready to charge into the New Year with plans and dreams.

I think I will just deal with the New Year the way I usually do. That is to have a bowl of ice cream, forget about last year, and improvise whatever will happen this next year. One thing is for sure, the New Year will include Duck Dynasty and Velveeta.

Hopefully, by now you have realized the cynical nature of all this. I’m just sayin’.

“Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson

• • •

DuWayne Paul of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist for the Echo Press.