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1988: Special Olympians host sports festival

By Rachel Barduson

1913, 100 years ago: The cold weather the past days caused considerable damage by frost. There was undoubtedly a considerable amount of potatoes yet to dig and market. From reports, these are apparently ruined. Willie Nelson of LaGrand Township, in speaking of the frost, reported that water a foot deep in a rainwater barrel was frozen solid. Ground is frozen in some places three or four inches deep. This will undoubtedly destroy most of the potatoes yet in the ground.

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1963, 50 years ago: President Kennedy’s approval of proposed private sales of U.S. wheat to the Soviet Union stimulated public interest in the U.S supplies of wheat. The U.S. Department of Agriculture released a background statement: “The supply of wheat in the United States in 1963-64 totals 2,328 million bushels. Approximately 600 million bushels is required for domestic use, leaving 1,728 million for export and carry-over. Based on current world demand and excluding any potential sales to the Soviet Union or Eastern European Bloc countries, exports from the United States are unofficially estimated at 800 million bushels. The total carry-over on July 1, 1964 would be 925 million bushels. 264 million lower than on July 1, 1963. In the event that sales are made to the Soviet Union and Bloc countries, exports might rise by another 100 to 200 million bushels. This would further reduce the July 1, 1964 carry-over to between 700 and 800 million bushels. Carry-over stocks still would be somewhat larger than those required as a reserve against a poor crop year. While it is too early to make a reliable estimate, there is every indication that the 1964 wheat crop will be larger than those of many recent years. The increase would result from the absence of a mandatory control program such as we have had in the past.”

1988, 25 years ago: Alexandria Special Olympics hosted a fall Sports Festival with training and competition in seven sports. A total of 47 Special Olympians from Alexandria, Ashby, Cambridge, Detroit Lakes, Morris and St. Cloud participated. Training officials included John Holsten (basketball), Karyn Sportel (gymnastics), Tom Roos (soccer), and Carol Feldman (tennis). Competitive events included horseshoes, bowling and swimming.

2003, 10 years ago: A helicopter crashed into Lake Christina but no serious injuries were reported. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) was treating the lake with the chemical, rotenone, to kill off the rough fish in the lake. The aerial spraying was part of a conservation effort to restore Lake Christina to the premiere waterfowl habitat area it once was. The helicopter went down in the southeast side of the lake, north of Melby in the northwestern part of Douglas County. The pilot, contracted through the DNR, was rescued. He suffered minor injuries and there was concern about the chemical risk to him and his rescuers, who were all taken to a landing site and put in emergency showers.

Just for fun: Happy silver wedding anniversary to Mike and Jan Johnson. The Lake Region Press, October 21, 1988 issue printed the Magnuson-Johnson (July 29, 1988) wedding announcement, “Following a wedding trip to Hawaii the couple is making their home in Eden Prairie. The groom plans to attend Northwestern College of Chiropractic and the bride is employed by the St. Louis Park Public Schools.” Today, Mike has a practice in Alexandria, Johnson Chiropractic and Sports Medicine and the couple resides in Alexandria. Congratulations!


Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.