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Observations from the archives, 2003: Fourth annual Men’s Night Out held

1913, 100 years ago: Last week, Chas. A. Shear and Chas. Hines returned from their trip west where they have been threshing. They worked for P.O. Nysetter, who is well known to many in this county, being one of the Holmes City boys. They cannot say anything too good about him. He is a model boss and none of the crew would refuse to do anything for him. He treated them all well and they appreciated it. He has a large threshing outfit. The engine is 40 or 45 horsepower and tires of the large traction wheels are five feet wide. The crops were in fine condition but it required 10 teams and 30 men to keep the machine supplied with bundles. Mr. Nysetter has done well this fall, clearing up to $3,000 from the threshing. The prices charged are 8 cents for oats and 12 cents for wheat.

1963, 50 years ago: Runestone Aerie 3063, Alexandria’s chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, broke ground for a new club building. The new home of the Eagles will be located on Highway 29 North, just south of the city well building and across the highway from Swoffer’s Café, the Sports Center and the Skelly Station. The building will be 36 by 70 feet in dimension, will be built of cement block and will have a full basement. It will contain a meeting hall, lounge and perhaps kitchen facilities.

1988, 25 years ago: A full-scale voluntary recycling program will be launched in Alexandria. Starting December 5, a truck will begin making curbside stops to pick up cans, glass and newspaper throughout the city. The program is a cooperative effort between the County Solid Waste Board and Alexandria Rubbish. They applied for and received a grant of $37,500 from the state Waste Management Board to help implement the program, which will be accomplished in three stages: pick up in the city, second, to expand to surrounding townships of Alexandria, Carlos and LaGrand, and third, to further expand the program to the borders of the county. When the program is expanded to the county, large containers will be placed in strategic locations to allow residents to drop off their recyclables whenever convenient. The primary reason for recycling, according to Waste Board Director Dennis Nagle, is to reduce the amount of waste that has to be taken to the county’s solid waste incinerator, which will reduce wear and tear on the incinerator, prolonging major repairs, and because recycled items can be made new again, thus reducing the demand on new raw materials to make cans, bottles and paper.

2003, 10 years ago: About 180 men participated in the fourth annual “Men’s Night Out” at Discovery Middle School in Alexandria. They had their blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked. They had glucose screenings and derma scans. They received health and medical information at a variety of booths. They talked to a panel of physicians about health issues and trends. And it was all free. The night was sponsored by the Alexandria Clinic, P.A.

Just for fun – Woolworth’s, 517 Broadway, advertised for its anniversary sale: “Luncheonette Specials include jumbo ice cream sandwich, 9 cents each (free if yours is vanilla!). Pumpkin Pie Festival: Order a piece of delicious homemade pie, break a balloon, and pay from 1 cent to 20 cents; hot dog and cold drink, both for 19 cents.

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Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.