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I'm Just Sayin': Musings about newsings

All right, so newsings is not a word. My spell check did not like it, but it has now been added to my spell check dictionary. I see things in publications and on Internet news sites that just catch my attention and either amuse me, spurn me to look into it more, or cause me to be a bit cynical. So, I thought I would share some of them before they get lost in the cyber space of gray matter entrenched between my ears.

California will now allow illegal aliens to get a driver’s license. Is this a sinister plot to locate them and then have them deported? Probably not. But, that would work! Also, what will happen when they show up and want to vote. They will have a driver’s license won’t they? Will that allow them to then vote even without citizenship? Maybe it’s a wash because they probably are already voting in California! Watch out. Minnesota may be the next one to do this in this crazy world of liberal progressive and out of control political correctness.

In the Russian province of Ulyanovsk, September 12 was officially named “Procreation Day.” Everyone was encouraged to stay home from work that day and try to make a baby. As Yakof Smirnoff would say, “What a country!”

This thing in Syria is very puzzling. Democrats want to go to war and Republicans want a peaceful settlement. The world seems a bit upside down. And what about Vladimir Putin dictating to Obama about what should happen in Syria and actually directing our foreign policy. Putin to Obama: Checkmate!

The war in Afghanistan is now approaching 12 years. Seventy three percent of the casualties have been during the Obama presidency, including the top five deadliest months of the war. So much for a Nobel Peace Prize!

Recently, two leading Colorado state legislators were recalled and driven from office due to their votes on gun control legislation in Colorado. This is democracy at work when elected officials go against the will of the people who voted for them.

In the world of finance, the Obama administration recently got something right. A deal has been struck with the Swiss government that would not allow U.S. citizens to hide their fortunes in Swiss banks without reporting it. This is progress. Now, how about the Cayman Islands?

Benghazi, one year later: Nothing! No arrests of the people who were behind it; even though we know who they are and where they are. So, we get stonewalling by the Obama administration regarding who was doing what on our side, and who gave what orders. Four Americans dead! The apparent strategy by this administration is to delay and hope it will be forgotten so Hillary can get elected in 2016. This cannot be forgotten!

Welcome to a new ice age! According to the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center, Arctic Sea ice has increased by 27 percent since 2007. What? According to Al Gore, we are all on the verge of being fried by global warming!

In closing, some more thoughts about Obamacare: Look out! Obama will be coming after information on your sex lives now! Yes, that is true. In the Affordable Care Act are regulations that require doctors who want to “be in the system” to ask you questions about your sex life. Things like: Are you sexually active? If so, with how many partners? Are any of them same sex partners? How’s that for privacy and patient-doctor confidentiality?

“I don’t make jokes. I just watch the government and report the facts.” – Will Rogers

• • •

DuWayne Paul of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist for the Echo Press Opinion Page.