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Observations from the archives, 2003: Crouse and Hodek crowned king and queen

1913, 100 years ago: For sale: I have concluded to sell my Lake Shore property consisting of 50 acres, 1-1/2 miles west from Alexandria; 8 room house and large barn, good well and a good sized orchard in bearing. View of city from dooryard. Place well adapted for a summer resort, or small dairy. Also a 10 room house with good cellar and cistern, two lots with good well and small barn, all in good repairs and beautifully located, five blocks south of high school and courthouse. Alexandria, Minn., and known as the Newhouse property, (signed) Lewis Evens, Central House, Alexandria, Minn.

1963, 50 years ago: Bob Olson, meat man at the Alexandria Super Fair store, and Lois McKay, check-out woman at Olson's Super Market, are the winners of the first Courtesy Contest conducted by the retail trades committee of the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. Olson and McKay were selected from a field of 18 nominees. Nine judges, three each month of the three-month summer season, surveyed local business places and professional offices to determine who was the most courteous male employee and the most courteous woman employee. As winner, Miss McKay received $100 in cash and $257.05 in merchandise. Olson received $100 in cash and $261.90 in merchandise.

1988, 25 years ago: Kathryn LeBrasseur, Douglas County Senior Citizens director, was presented the outstanding achievement award at the Minnesota Association of Senior Citizen Program Coordinator (MASCPC) conference in St. Cloud. Overseeing the structure and activities of 12 clubs throughout the county, LeBrasseur has developed major fund drives and been instrumental in getting grant dollars in centers for equipment and renovation projects. A former school teacher, she is well informed in all phases of senior activities and services and provided insight and assistance in getting the new senior center built in Alexandria, establishing it as a base for senior activities from throughout the county. Unique to Douglas County is a program of "Home Delivered Meals," the first county in Minnesota and among the first in the nation that offered meals ("anyplace in Douglas County") where there is a need. LeBrasseur conceived the idea of purchasing and operating a popcorn wagon, staffed by volunteers, to help defray the costs of delivering those meals.

2003, 10 years ago: Kyle Grinager and Kayla Revering were the Parkers Prairie High School Homecoming royalty. Joey Crouse and Jayde Hodek were crowned king and queen at the Jefferson High School coronation in Alexandria. In other news, "On the Street" Kyle Diekman was elected to the board of directors of Viking Savings Association. Diekman is an Alexandria native and owner of Diekman's Jewelry for 23 years. Attorney JoEllen Doebbert has expanded her practice by adding a satellite office in Glenwood at the recently constructed Glenfield Place, located at the crest of the hill along Highway 29.

Just for fun — 50 years ago: The Alexandria Lion's Club, in existence only a few months, has purchased real estate. Pictured in The Park Region Echo, September 17, 1963, were Art Fischer and his moving crew, unloading a 16-by-16-foot concession stand at the Douglas County Fairgrounds. The Lions bought it from the Viking Playland and will use it as a permanent concession building at the fair. Pictured were Eddie Erickson, Fischer, Lions President Jim Syrdal, Jerry Van Kempen and Forrest Bey.

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Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.