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Observations from the archives, 1988: Celebrity Wait-On-You Lunch held

1913, 100 years ago: The eighth grade graduation exercises took place on the courthouse lawn. The 96 graduates, coming from 42 schools, marched from one of the side doors of the courthouse around the building onto the front steps. Superintendent George Susens had charge of the program and was assisted by Miss Angus, Miss Anderson, Mr. Erickson and others. The program opened with a song by the high school Glee Club, after which a prayer was offered by the Rev. Ording of Nelson. Mr. Susens' topic of speech was "Education for the Times, or Efficient Education," saying, "Education was formerly for priests, soldiers or people of the lily white hand class. Now it is to train the boys and girls of all classes to grapple with the conditions of their environment and master the conditions of life."

1963, 50 years ago: Indian mounds, located three miles north of Alexandria on old Highway 29, are beginning to yield evidence that it is what it was believed to be; an ancient Indian burial site. The team of 16 anthropology students from the U of M is excavating the big mound and the small mound at Nell and Jerry Hoffman's Indian Mounds and already has come up with a skull, a large ceremonial greenstone mall, projectile heads, pottery chips, fish bones, beaver bones, fire ash and other artifacts. The excavation area is fenced off and a 25 cents admission charge is being asked by the Hoffmans, who are not charging the university for the excavation privileges.

1988, 25 years ago: Jon Haaven reported in his Lake Region Press column that he was not going to talk about the weather anymore. Instead, there were positive things to talk about, including a unique event that was scheduled, the "Celebrity Wait-On-You Lunch" to be held at The Broncs on Broadway restaurant. Haaven wrote, "How could you pass up an opportunity to have Mayor Dorothy Kobs, media celebrities like Mark Vanderwerf, Dick Trisko, Amy Marsh, Sally Baltes, Bob Hines, Denny Dalman or people like Douglas County Sheriff Terry Eilers, Alexandria Chief of Police Chuck Nettestad or school superintendent George Cassell, all of them and more, cater to your every luncheon need?" All these people have volunteered to be waiters and waitresses for a Noon Lion's Club fundraiser. All tips given will go to the club for local projects. Tickets for the event are available at JC Penney, First Bank, Viking Savings and Color-Rite Photo.

2003, 10 years ago: Tom Ellison and Bob Cunniff will be taking over head coaching jobs for the 2003-04 school year in District 206. Ellison will become the new head wrestling coach. Cunniff, no stranger to the softball program, will become head coach of girls' softball.

Just for fun - 25 years ago, 1988: More names listed in Jon Haaven's celebrity list for the Noon Lion's fundraiser included county auditor Rock Anderson, county attorney Ann Carrott, Dr. Joe Merickel, Jim Hafdal, Marv Frieburg, county treasurer Arnie Olson, John Perino, Virginia and Wally Bloom, Paul Anderson, Cher Sieve, Sue Haskins, Mike Burgess, Marv Martinson, Juanita Fischer, Kathryn and Bumper Lee, Stella Bowland, Jan Esala, Harland Angen, Kathryn LeBrasseur, Jack Trumm, Lowell Peterson, Lois Ross, Dick Wiles, Bill Flaig, Frank Starke, Sue Edwards, Steve Waller, Tim Lee, Lyle Storlie and Tom Anderson.

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Rachel Barduson of Alexandria is a regular contributing columnist to the Echo Press Opinion page.