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Column - Advice for seniors: adjust

When the alarm sounds, will I get up or hit the 15-minute snooze button?

This is the question I ask myself as a senior every morning.

In the beginning of the year, being a senior was fun and time went by fast.

I would get up with a smile on my face and be ready for school in no time.

Classes were easy. All I had to do was show up, focus my time and get my homework done. Also, with a few college classes and career exploration, I found myself not showing up some days for three hours of the day.

Work and recreation were also fun. It seemed that I was working more and enjoyed it because I had little to no homework. Which also left me more time to hang out with friends. Almost every night I was caught at a friend's house or adventuring to Walmart to get something useless.

It is not the concept of making it the easiest year for me, but rather enjoying it to the fullest.

I always keep in the back of my mind that friends and family can change after high school. Everyone will go off to colleges, work and other endeavors.

A week is like a month now in terms of school. Not only do I have to worry about more homework, but also the feeling to stay ambitious and concentrated to get it done.

With track and field starting in less than a week, the outside beauty of spring begins to reveal itself more each day.

I manage to persuade myself to put off assignments that are due in a week to almost the last day in order to go outside and snowboard the slopes of Andes Tower Hills.

I become defocused from math and find myself spending more time adding up the feet I want to gain on my discus throw this year once the track season starts.

Also with added pressure of homework, comes college applications and scholarships. It seems as if there is an endless amount of forms to fill out for each college. Once you get your application in, you have to fill out an application so they can confirm your previous application is accepted.

With financial aid, it is hurry up and wait. A student has to file a FAFSA by a certain but the college that you want to receive it may not get it for weeks. Then when they get it, they review it for a few more weeks and decide if they want to accept it, which can take even more time.

All in all, there is no time limit to knowing how you are going to pay for college and get set and signed up. Doing one thing at a time and crossing it off a list is the best advice I can give students.

It is also a very different feeling how friendships can change during the second half of the year.

At first, a senior does not realize that what is happening and going on in his or her life is happening to every single senior.

I felt a feeling of betrayal and anger. My friends that I had hung out with the whole year all of a sudden did not have time to hang out every night.

They were either working or spending time going to appointments to get ready for next year. It is kind of funny how two friends' schedules can differ and wreck the weekend.

The feeling of recreation and the fun ride of the senior year halted for me those few weeks.

I did not know what to do or who to talk to. The stress of preparing for college was always on my mind and my friends were not around to help me keep it away.

Then I thought to myself, everyone has to do his or her own thing. It is a part of growing as an individual.

You have to tackle your own dreams and ambitions while also still living your life.

I also realized that if someone is my friend, they are going to remain my friend for a long time. No distance or job can change that.

I still hope to end my senior year with enjoyment.

Adjustment is the key word that all seniors should take under advisment.

If one can learn to juggle multiple things at once, they can also have fun and stay on track in school at the same time.

The best part about looking back at school is remembering. No one wants to remember successfully failing a class and enjoying it.