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Commentary on 'love lasts' is so true

By Sarah Townsend, Alexandria, MN

Dear Mr. Zaun,

How very pleasant it was to read your commentary in the Echo Press (Jan. 10). What an uplift to read so many of the thoughts that have also come my way since I am now older and have 12 grandchildren. Your thoughts on "Love lasts, stuff doesn't" is so true for last October 2016 our home was burned by fire and we lost everything. We hardly miss any of those things and our Lord was so wonderful to give us a home above and beyond our lost one. Isn't that just the way God is?

Definitely prayer works! I have seen over and over again how extremely faithful God is in everything. He is dependable and as a father with a child, He wants to bless and give above and beyond what we could ask or think.

I have a little story I like to tell in regard to the faithfulness of God. A little 2 year old boy is standing by the edge of the swimming pool. His daddy is in the water with outstretched arms coaxing his son to jump into his arms. The son states, "I am afraid, daddy." "Don't worry," says the father. "I will catch you." Because his daddy has been faithful in little and big things to his son during his young life, he has enough trust to jump into his daddy's arms. What does the son say once he is lovingly in the strong arms of his father? He says, "Do it again daddy."

Just as the little boy jumped into the strong arms so to did my husband and I when we lost our home. He has been so faithful in everything to us we just had to say, "Do it again, Daddy."

The wisdom on saving money for retirement, not living on borrowed money, anger, always being truthful, forgiveness, giving stuff away and not taking God's name in vain are priceless lessons for all of us.

I cut your article from the Echo Press and tend to keep it because it is worth keeping and sharing. Thank you so much for your blessing to me and all who read the commentary.