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COMMENTARY: A grandpa's thoughts on turning 75

By Ron Zaun, Alexandria, MN

On Jan. 14, I will turn 75. I remember growing up as a kid in school. How long a year seemed to last! Now a year goes by so fast that I wish I could put my life on cruise control.

So here are some thought I have learned in my lifetime:

Love lasts — stuff doesn't.

Family is your greatest blessing.

Prayer works.

Pray for others and if you want friends to pray for you, ask them.

Pick your battles carefully. Some things really aren't worth fighting over.

Make lots of friends. Like chocolate chips, you never can have too many.

Be on a first name basis whenever possible.

Use Sir and Ma'am a lot and not just with people who are higher up than you. The school custodian will appreciate it more than the principal.

Start saving for retirement when you think you are too young to do so; it will arrive sooner than you think.

Don't live on borrowed money.

In church, give God what is God's.

Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Neatness is next to impossible.

Be careful with what you put in writing or on the Internet. Unlike the spoken word, there is no way to deny that you said it.

Be careful what you say when angry — it may be coming from the Devil. The hurt lasts.

Do not raise your voice to your children unless they are in danger.

Don't take God's name in vain.

Be nice to people who are rude to you — you may change them. If not, you will certainly confuse them.

You will make mistakes in your lifetime. Most people will forgive you, yet you must forgive yourself.

Always tell the truth. Remembering what lies you tell to whom is too hard for the memory.

Tell your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews about your life growing up, even if they can't stand to hear it again and again. They may remember it when you are gone.

Get rid of a lot of stuff before you pass away. Your children will thank you for it.

Most importantly, tell your children about how important Jesus was in your life. Through Jesus we will have everlasting life in heaven. Just believe in John 3:16, and make Jesus the center point of your life!