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LETTER: Let market decide child care issue

To the editor:

A recent letter mentions a lack of daycare services. Capitalism is about providing a service or product that is wanted at a profit. Business costs are met by customers (clients) who utilize their products.

The writer speaks of a shortage of service and of a high demand. That looks like an opportunity

to me. The writer sees it as a problem looking for a government solution, I wonder how many kids were taken care of by grandma or a neighborhood kid?

I don't recall any checklists from government agencies being followed. We turned out OK, I think. Employers do what they do best and running a child care service probably isn't in their plan, unless their business is a daycare center. So, is it fair to ask others to subsidize raising your kids after they raised their own?

Years ago, co-ops were formed to fill a need and its users funded them. When the needs were met and markets established, the private sector came on the scene and let the market decide.

Mike Jackson

Alexandria, MN