LETTER: Big opportunity awaits in Brandon-Evansville


To the editor:

Right now over in Brandon-Evansville, we are no longer "yes" or "no" voters. At least no one should be as no one knows what the new plan will look like yet. Everyone has agreed that something needs to get done. The plan that got voted on did not pass, but that does not mean that something can't be done.

All of the registered voters in our district now have the opportunity to try and decide together what the new plan will look like. If you are a registered voter and have not already signed up for a committee, this is your chance to voice your thoughts on what you think is important whether it be the facility, the education, or the community involvement/activities. Come and talk about what you feel is important in these three areas, and help to make some suggestions to the board on what you would like see the future of our district to look like. Your voice is important, and this is the time to do it, not when the newest plan gets put to a vote, or after that.

We can make something positive happen for our district, and not just for the students and staff, but also for the communities. Come with an open mind. We need to come together and plan for the future. Closing the doors and being absorbed into another district is not a solution. Taxes would not go away. Most of the districts around us have referendums in place already. Putting our school/communities first will come back to help our communities grow in a positive way.

Come and be part of the solution!

Jan Campbell

Brandon, MN