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LETTER: Someone put sticker over 'neighbor' sign

To the editor:

To the person who walked into my yard this fall and placed a large sticker on my "Love Your Neighbor" sign:

You are my "neighbor" too, and I love you. However I feel hurt, angry and violated by your actions. The sign shows love for all human beings. Although "white people" are not specifically named on the sign, all people are included in the "fully human" language.

Groups of people specifically named on the sign often feel disregarded and unloved. Perhaps, you placed the sticker on my sign because you feel unloved or disregarded? Let's talk about this in the daylight. When people enter my property, I prefer that they let me know that they are there, knock on my door and wait on the doorstep until I answer.

The newspaper could connect us to meet.

Carol Wenner

Alexandria, MN