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LETTER: Why do Democrats play the race card?

To the editor:

So what happened in the past? Racism belongs on the left side of the scale as does Socialism and Fascism. Hitler first segregated the Jews with the Nuremberg Laws as did the Democrats to the blacks with Jim Crow Laws. Congressman Robert Byrd served 47 years in Congress and Hillary Clinton called him her mentor. He formed a local chapter of the KKK and served as Grand Cyclops.

In light of his racism, shouldn't we change the name of all the streets, schools and libraries named after him? With this history, why do Democrats always play the race card? Of course not all Democrats are racist but considering the Democrat's history, be more sure of who you call a racist or fascist. (more examples of "The Rest of the Story" are the book, "The Big Lie" by Dinesh D'Souza.)

So what happened recently? We now know that Hillary bought the Democratic National Committee. She had total control over the DNC, leaving Bernie Sanders no chance to win. But wasn't she "dead broke" after leaving the White House? Broke only until she and other Obama appointees approved the sale of 20 percent of our uranium to a Russian company. Than in came the donations to the Clinton Foundation to the tune $145 million. Bill Clinton makes a speech in Russia for $500,000. (A former capitalist president giving a speech to a bunch of socialist for half a million?) Talk about a get-rich scheme and collusion. Of course, you might be a loyal Democrat who will do anything and vote for anyone that the party tells you to. Then go outside tonight and scream at the sky because that is what other Democrats were told to do.

Richard Thompson

Alexandria, MN