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LETTER: Peterson should denounce Franken's behavior

To the editor:

It's the picture we can't unsee. Minnesota Senator Al Franken gropes a sleeping woman with a big smile on his face. And more women have come forward to accuse Franken of sexual misconduct.

Many Democrats swiftly denounced Franken, and rightfully so. But where is fellow Democrat Collin Peterson who represents us in Congress? After the scandal broke, Peterson told MinnPost he wanted to learn more and said the Senate should decide what to do with Franken.

Here we are, weeks later, and yet nothing from Peterson. Is it because he's the recipient of $15,000 from Franken's poorly-named "Midwest Values" Political Action Committee?

Peterson needs to return Franken's money and condemn Franken's lewd behavior. Western Minnesotans need a representative who can put politics aside and denounce bad behavior, no matter the perpetrator's party affiliation. If elected to Congress, I will not be afraid to take a bold stand against offensive behavior that objectifies women like we've sadly seen from Franken.

State Rep. Tim Miller, District 17A

Prinsburg, MN