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IT'S YOUR TURN: Readers comment on farm rent prices

This "It's Your Turn" includes comments posted to the Echo Press Facebook page about the Nov. 22 story, "Are farmers getting gouged on rent?" The story noted that Douglas County farmers reported paying $129 per acre in 2017, up from $107 last year.

John Herrly: Welcome to the world of renting.

Christopher Richter: It's a double-edged sword. You have to pay the going rate or you don't rent. Meanwhile, rent payments barely cover property taxes.

Jessy Wicht: Property taxes are like 10 bucks an acre. Rent is $120+ in Douglas County.

Christopher Richter: Property taxes are $30 in Wadena County. Average rent is $35. ... You can't touch irrigated land in Wadena County for $80.

Joe Spinler: Mower County is $65 per acre.

Zach Johnson: Average rents by county are generally collected by the FINBIN system and compiled within U of M Extension. Those rents include rented acres rented to family members, which are historically low compared to what "larger" tillable acreage operators are willing to pay for that area. As someone who pays both (in my counties of Pope and Douglas) I can tell you that rent FAR exceeds taxes, but usually renters expect (and deserve) some percentage of return on investment. It's never a clear-cut issue.

David Moss: It's right at $20 in my county in South Dakota, but rents are $200 to $300 and take most of the crop to pay.

Bob Almich: Your land is worth what someone is willing to pay you for it. Supply and demand will determine the prices.

Dan Hormann: Over $200 per acre a ways west of here, $7,000/acre if you want to buy it.

Joel Dahlheimer: I pay $plenty$.

Robin 'Peterson' Johnson: It's a struggle, especially for young new farmers. My husband would love to add some acreage to farm, however, we can't compete with the prices the large farmers are willing to pay.

Christopher G. Horn: Average rent east of Hewitt, northern Todd County, non-irrigated is $65 to $75 an acre. You have to pay it if you need to feed the cows. I'm feeding 50 head of beef cattle now and have to pay the prices because of the big boys.

Christopher Richter: What do your taxes figure out to per acre? Wadena is hitting me $27.40 an acre for taxes.

Christopher G. Horn: $35 per acre but that's also buildings included.

Randy Lindemyer: I sure wouldn't say anything bad about a Minnesota farmer with any food in your mouth. Just saying.